Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 8th August to Friday 12th August!

Hollyoaks LogoThe people of Hollyoaks village had better be careful this week as serial killer Silas Blissett is still lurking around Chester, meanwhile, Mercedes and Riley go for a baby scan and Carmel struggles to resist temptation!

Monday 8th August

With the investigation into India's murder gathering pace the pressure is getting to Texas. However despite the pressure Texas is determined to find her sisters killer and offers to play India in a reconstruction, as a stunned Silas watches on. Carmel hatches a plan to raise money and impress Father Francis. Lee worries that he's blown it with Amy for good, but has he?

Tuesday 9th August

When Lynsey discovers just how involved in the press conference Silas was, she cant help but feel suspicious. Convinced Sila's is the killer Lynsey tries to tell Cheryl how she feels. However Cheryl refuses to listen. Lynsey is adamant she is right about Silas and cant help but worry about  Texas. Mercedes and Riley go for their scan. As Carmel worries that she and Mercedes have  grown apart and  becomes determines to do something about it. Amy is horrified when she wakes up in bed with Dodger.

Wednesday 10th August

As she prepares for the  reconstruction, Texas struggles to cope. Reliving her sisters final steps proves too much and Texas sneaks away. When Lynsey realises Texas is missing she panics something has happened to her and t frantically looks for friend, but will Lynsey get to her before Silas? Mercedes' baby shower organised by Carmel doesn't go according to plan. Meanwhile, a lonely Jason is missing Bart.

Thursday 11th August

Convinced Silas murdered India Lynsey is determined take matters into her own hands in order to see him punished. After framing him for his crimes Lynsey is overjoyed when Ethan arrests Silas but will her plan work? Carmel turns to Father Francis for comfort. Seth is thrilled when he gets a date for Riley's wedding.

Friday 12th August

Bart and Sinead are struggling as life on the run gets harder. In desperate need for money and not knowing who else to turn to, Bart makes a desperate call to Jason asking him for help. Carmel makes amends with Mercedes and decides to tell Father Francis how she really feels. Will Lynsey regret trying to play Silas at his own game?

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