Michael and Natasha family secrets have ''monumental reveal'', teases Sandy Winton

NeighboursNeighbours star Sandy Winton has promised a ''monumental reveal'' for the secrets which are set to be revealed about his family, the Williams on the C5 soap. Winton who plays teacher Michael Williams hinted that there are a few skeletons in the closet as his and his daughter Natasha's (Valentina Novakovic's) past is explored.

Speaking exclusively to entertainment website Digital Spy, Winton revealed that the arrival of Natasha's long-lost aunt Emilia, played by Freya Stafford will trigger a number of secrets about the Williams' past to be uncovered in a highly dramatic manner.

Executive producer for Neighbours, Susan Bower has already teased that the truth about Natasha's dead mother is set to come out with Freya's arrival as she ''brings up a lot of old baggage'' for Michael and viewers will ''find out the secret in three parts''.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Sandy said: ''Emilia certainly knows a lot more about Michael and his late wife than anyone else, and he is scared about what she will reveal to Tash.Michael has never really spoken to Tash about her mother.''

He added: ''What happened in the past has been left in the past, so I think bringing her aunt in opens up a lot of baggage that Michael has put to one side - he has happily let that happen. This is really going to uncover some deep, dark secrets and it happens in stages, building up to a monumental reveal… I can't wait."

Meanwhile, forthcoming scenes will see Michael struggle to cope with Tash's wild behaviour and after deciding to send her to boarding school, her leaving party descends into chaos after a drunken Tash has a drowning experience in Toadie's swimming pool. Will Tash's bad behaviour be the death of her?

To read the rest of Sandy's interview with Digital Spy, click here.

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