VIDEO: Have a look at housemate from hell Michelle Tran set to appear on 'Neighbours' later this month!

NeighboursHere at TellyMix, we're not afraid to admit to having a soft spot for Australian soap Neighbours. The show which airs here in the UK on C5 can do no wrong in our eyes and is consistently one of the best if not the best soap on the box. So imagine our delight when we heard that two of the best characters Kyle and Jade were set to get more airtime!

The fantastically fun characters will soon be getting a housemate dubbed as ''the housemate from hell''. A few months ago, we revealed that City Homocide star HaiHa Le would play the role of hellish Michelle Tran and with the character having made her debut on Australian screens, digital channel 11 recently released one of the weekly teaser trailers giving viewers a glimpse of Michelle.

And later this month, us UK viewers will meet her. So here below is that exact trailer showing Michelle clashing with Jade Mitchell (Gemma Pranita) after she borrows clothes off Jade after being specifically told she couldn't! However, it's set to become more serious as the trailer teases that she goes all Single White Female, a reference to the cult 90's movie starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh which sees a houseguest going a bit psychotic on her housemate!

Here's the trailer: