Facepalm of the week: 'Coronation Street' character Dev Alahan to become pushy parent in forthcoming storyline!

Oh dear! After the excitement of the upcoming Silas reveal in Hollyoaks, we've been brought back to earth with a very unexciting plot. Yes, slightly irritating Corrie businessman Dev Alahan is set to become a pushy parent when he believes son Aadi to be a golfing prodigy!

According to The Sun, the highly exhilarating plot will see Dev get all proud and pushy after he sees his son Aadi pull off an impressive short whilst golfing with his father on the local green later this year. Dev then decides to try and make his son professional by suggesting that he could become a serious golfer.

If you don't want to miss this revolutionary plot then keep your eyes peeled in September when the groundbreaking and gritty new plot begins!

*We're kidding, we're sure the plot will be a bit of light relief but it's not exactly Richard Hillman-gate is it?