Hollyoaks Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 1st August to Friday 5th August!

Hollyoaks LogoThe tension in Chester seems to be mounting in recent weeks and this week is no different with Brendan's son Declan coming to stay and Silas eyeing up his next victim as he puts Nancy in potential danger by getting her to snoop. Here's what is happening this week:

Monday 1st August

Brendan and Ste rekindle their secret relationship but are taken aback when Brendan's ex-wife Eileen walks in on them half-naked! At the Osbourne household, Nancy is still arguing with boyfriend Darren's stepmother Frankie leading Darren to ask Frankie to give them the night to themselves, what is he planning? Runaway couple Sinead and Bart are still sleeping rough, will their relationship survive in the uncomfortable situation they're in?

Tuesday 2nd August

Brendan is on edge when his teenage son Declan (played by Keith Duffy's son) comes to stay, how long can he keep his sexuality from his son? Darren's romantic plans go to pot after Nancy gets a call from her dream job. And Lee finds an advert for a job that would be perfect for girlfriend Amy but can he stop Dodger from sticking his oar in?

Wednesday 3rd August

Minxy teenager Ruby is furious after Nancy destroys her plans to flirt with Pete and after getting a hold of Pete's mobile phone, Ruby swears revenge on Nancy. Lee is put out after seeing Amy getting closer to Dodger and after Dodger promises to get Amy a fake driving license for her new job, Lee sees a sneaky way of getting Dodger out of the picture. Brendan is forced to make promises he can't keep.

Thursday 4th August

Silas is on edge in today's visit to the village after he catches Lynsey looking at his medical records. Meanwhile, Lee's case of the green eyed monster intensifies as his attempts to get Dodger in trouble with the police to ward him off Amy backfire, leaving Amy in danger! Nancy does very well in her interview but will Ruby ruin Nancy's chances of securing her dream job?

Friday 5th August

Murderous Silas recruits friend Nancy to get information for him on the India Longford Murder Investigation from Detective Ethan but could unassumingly carrying out her friend's dirty work put Nancy in grave danger? Love rivals Dodger and Lee go head to head trying to help Amy prepare for her job interview but could Lee's attempts blow Amy's chances of getting the job? Meanwhile, Darren decides to give Ruby a taste of her own medicine after she ruins Nancy's chances of getting her dream job.

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