Neighbours Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 1st August to Friday 5th August!

NeighboursIt's all happening down under in Ramsay Street this week as Toadie discovers something that would break Kate's heart, Lucas spreads his father's ashes and Susan meets a new man, will this newcomer put a strain on Susan and Karl's relationship? Here are some episode synopses:

Monday 1st August

Lucas refuses to carry out his father's wishes and spreading his ashes at a football oval  until Toadie is forced to step in. With support from his friend, Lucas bites the bullet and spreads his father's ashes, has carrying out what his Dad wanted helped him lay his issues to rest? And with Kyle and Jade, they're busy conducting interviews to find the perfect housemate but will Lou's interfering ruin their plans?

Tuesday 2nd August

On today's visit to Ramsay Street, Susan and Karl are excitedly getting ready for their adventure in Peru but Susan is distracted as she begins to write the follow-up to her Patient Advocacy article with Karl's help. Susan decides to contact Jim Dolan, a patient who is using the programme to conduct an interview but she is stunned as he takes seriously ill and is rushed to hospital and after he finds out that his cancer is terminal, Susan is forced to choose between comforting the broken man or going home to Karl. Over at Rebecchi Law Firm, Toadie is delighted after impressing Peter Noonan, a senior associate at a large law firm but when he is offered a job, Sonya shows Toadie the advantages of being his own boss as he turns the job down. Finally, Paul is impressed when Summer hands him an article on the community gardens but as he promises to publish it, will Paul put his own spin on the story?

Wednesday 3rd August

Susan and Karl's relationship is put under strain on today's visit down under as she continues to struggle choosing between Karl and Jim who needs her support. Knowing that her marriage could be in trouble, Susan chooses Karl but is pleasantly surprised when he tells her to support her friend. Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Kate and Sophie clash over Brennan's recent departure but when Sophie tries to help her sister, she makes things worse. When Toadie steps in, he advises Sophie to give Kate space and invites her to a sleepover with Callum but he's shocked after he hears some tragic news.

Thursday 4th August

Toadie struggles to take in news of Brennan's death whilst in witness protection and ends up getting short with Callum and Sophie. Deciding to do the right thing, Toadie decides to tell Kate about Mark's death but flees, unable to bring himself to tell Kate.  Confiding in his supportive girlfriend Sonya, she tells Toadie that he has to tell Kate the truth even if it will break her heart. Susan continues to spend time with Jim and encourages him to open up about his feelings but struggles to know how to support Jim. With Karl getting ready for their holiday, Susan doesn't want to burden him with her troubles but struggles to help Jim on her own. Meanwhile, Karl continues to go through his intensive fitness regime set by Jade but is unhappy with Lou's input!

Friday 5th August

Kate is still in the dark about Mark's death to Sonya's horror however after discussing it with Toadie, they decide that they should find out how Kate feels about Brennan and as Sonya approaches the subject, she's relieved when Kate opens up and suggests that she's over Brennan leading the duo to decide to keep the truth from Kate in order to protect their friend. Meanwhile, with Chris keen to spend time working at the garage, he agrees to let Andrew take his place at a university study session but their plan goes pear-shaped after Chris' father (who has magically changed his name from Ricardo to George) turns up at the uni looking for his son. Finally, loveable rogue Lou continues to meddle in other resident's lives as he interferes in Kyle's new business!