Eastenders Episode Synopses for the week from Monday 1st August to Friday 5th August!

EastendersThis week's set of Eastenders episodes are certainly going to be dramatic as Syed has a shock announcement to make, Ian meets a new woman and Lola causes trouble for one resident causing tension between her grandparents.

Monday 1st August

Zainab decides to include all her family at the Iftar but is taken aback when Syed makes an announcement that is shocking to say the least. On the other side of the Square, Eddie and Carol begin to get closer as the Moon family throw a party to celebrate their new business opening. And finally, the Mitchell family are at loggerheads after Phil tells cousin Roxy that she's clueless about business without sister Ronnie at her side prompting Roxy to take drastic actions!

Tuesday 2nd August

In today's visit to Albert Square, Greg gets frustrated as Tanya continues to keep him at arm's length whilst being distracted by her family and her interfering mother Cora is quick to discover that all is not well in their marriage. Ian's lies get deeper as he tells ladies that he is widowed despite Jane being alive and well! Finally, Carol is humiliated to be confronted by Tyler and Anthony whilst exiting Eddie's house in the early hours of the morning and Lola's bad behaviour keeps Billy and Julie on their toes.

Thursday 4th August

Lola's behaviour grows worse in tonight's visit to Walford as she puts the life of an Albert Square resident at risk leaving Billy and Julie's relationship on a knife edge. Phil is still winding up Janine however his actions spur Janine on further instead of getting rid of her as he had hoped. Over with the Branning family, tensions are high as Tanya discovers that Cora has been evicted from her home!

Friday 5th August

Billy finally finds out the truth behind what happened in the Arches as Julie opens up but the grandparents are soon frantic with worry when Lola goes missing. A gift from husband Greg makes Tanya realise that she has to be straight with him.  Finally, Ian is none too pleased as Big Mo starts to meddle in his relationship.