Troubled 'Coronation Street' character to attempt suicide later this year!

Factory boss Carla Connor will attempt to commit suicide after she is raped by colleague and boyfriend Frank Foster (Andrew Lancel) on ITV1 soap Coronation Street, a report has claimed.

The Weatherfield lady, played by Alison King is set to take drastic action after she is raped by jealous and possessive Frank who accuses her of cheating on him with friend and confidante Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).  According to The Sun, the businesswoman is left at an all time low after she is subjected to the brutal attack and is then rejected by bookie Peter.

The horrific scenes which we reported on last month are currently being filmed this week ahead of their transmission at a later time of 9pm in September. Reports suggest that Carla is supported by Peter after Frank is arrested for the attack but is forced to deliver her a further blow by rejecting her advances after she declares her love for him.

Carla then reportedly attempts to end it all by swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills whilst drinking red wine. However, in a twist, Carla phones Peter telling him what she has done before losing consciousness prompting her married friend to phone an ambulance and rush over to Carla's flat. Carla is then rushed into the hospital for emergency treatment following the suicide attempt with Peter blaming himself for her attempt to end her life.

A show source said: ''Carla is at rock bottom. She prides herself on being invincible and feels utterly broken by Frank's actions. Peter is the only friend she has left and she's never felt rejection like it. She wants to end it all."