'Neighbours' newcomer set to develop a crush on fellow Erinsborough resident Kate Ramsay!

NeighboursUpcoming Neighbours newcomer Noah Parkin will develop a crush on fellow resident Kate Ramsay in a forthcoming storyline, it has been revealed. The free spirited teenager who is set to make an impression of Sophie Ramsay (Kaiya Jones) will instead fall for her older sister Kate.

We revealed recently how Noah is set to enroll in Erinsborough High School where his carefree attitude starts to rub off on fellow student Sophie. Speaking to Australian TV magazine TV Week, Orpheus Pledger who is set to play the character said: ''Noah doesn't realise Sophie's got the hots for him and he falls for Kate. He thinks Kate is beautiful and always wants to be around her.''

Pledger added: ''He thinks he's got a shot because she's really nice to him - but he takes her friendly gestures the wrong way." However the 18-year-old actor insisted that Noah's intentions are good and that he's not going to be a bad boy character saying: ''He's a nice person and has a good heart.''

He continued: ''He sort of stays in his own bubble and doesn't try hard to interact with anyone. He can manage on his own." Noah will make his on-screen debut next week on screens down under with UK viewers being introduced to the character later this year.