Tanya Branning to be attacked by love rival after affair revealed on 'Eastenders'

Tanya Branning is to be attacked by her love rival Vanessa Gold after her affair with ex-husband Max Branning (Jake Wood) is uncovered, it has been reported. The beautician is set upon by angry Vanessa after she discovers Max's betrayal with Tanya.

Soon to depart Vanessa, played by Zoe Lucker storms into Tanya's (Jo Joyner's) home and punches her in the face resulting in the duo scrapping on the floor infront of Tanya's terrified young son Oscar and her husband Greg Jessop (Stefan Booth).

According to the News Of The World, Tanya decides to end her affair with Max after his brother Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) discovers the secret tryst. Max then dumps Vanessa and reveals all about their affair leading to a furious Vanessa's violent outburst at Tanya.

A source told the paper: ''She hunts Tanya down to her house and forces her way in before attacking her.There is nothing like a woman scorned but Tanya doesn't take it lying down. She gives back as good as she gets. It leaves little Oscar in a right state."

However, alternatively, the Daily Star Sunday claims differently stating that Vanessa only finds out after Max and Tanya's teenage daughter Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) decides Vanessa ought to know the truth following Max's assurance that his break-up with Vanessa doesn't involve anybody else.

Another source said: ''Everyone remembers how Lauren exposed Max's affair with Stacey Slater - it was one of the soap's most dramatic episodes ever. So bosses decided it would be brilliant if she ruined her dad's love life all over again by telling Vanessa he's a cheat." The scenes will air later this summer.