Happy 1st Birthday to our friends at Soap Secrets - SPOILERS and to many more years to come!

Round-Up1 year, 2500 members and 5,000 Twitter followers on and Soap Secrets - SPOILERS is still as strong as ever before. The dedicated soap website was launched as a Facebook group on 9th July 2010 by Jade Foote, soap fanatic and all-round god amongst soap viewers.

It was quick to build a large number of members due to Jade's dedication into revealing all the tiniest bits of information about the soaps with Jade in particular often working out upcoming storyline twists up to a month in advance. Later in the year, the website was launched as well as a Twitter account.

Then in August Jade appeared on ITV magazine programme This Morning on a competition for soap fans getting to the final before coming 2nd but ended up getting the same prize as the winner after fans pointed out that one of the questions was incorrect. This lead to Jade becoming friends with a number of soap stars and after she attended the Inside Soap Awards, Jade's site grew bigger and stronger.

Jade with Marc Elliot (Syed Masood) and John Partridge (Christian Clarke) from Eastenders!

She often sits up to 4am updating episode details, spoilers and interviews and most of her exclusive information comes straight from cast members she speaks to on Twitter as well as crew who she now knows really well. The Twitter account has even won a Twitter award for its fantastic light-hearted reaction to soaps as Jade watches them as well as the exclusive info.

And Soap Secrets - SPOILERS have also been great sources for us here at TellyMix when updating soap news. So if you want to get specific information on all soaps from Coronation Street to Holby City, Waterloo Road to Eastenders, follow Jade and company on Twitter, Facebook and their own website and a massive Happy 1st Birthday from all of us at TellyMix to Jade Foote and all her admins at Soap Secrets - SPOILERS!


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