Ian Beale set to tell new love interest that his wife is dead on BBC1 soap ''Eastenders''

Tightwad businessman Ian Beale will lie in a few weeks time about his wife Jane Beale in order to get a date with a new female character. The miserable Eastenders stalwart, played by Adam Woodyat tells newcomer Cheryl (Heather Craney) that his recently divorced ex-wife Jane Beale (Laurie Brett) is actually deceased.

Viewers saw Jane exit the BBC1 soap last month as actress Laurie Brett went off on maternity leave and Jane left the Square having acquired the cafe through their divorce. Last week, Phil Mitchell (Steve Mc Fadden) bought the cafe off Jane for his girlfriend Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) leaving Ian's ego more deflated than ever however when new girl Cheryl arrives in Walford, Ian tries to put his plan into action by lying to the lady and telling her that he is widowed.

Ian realises that by lying about his life, he can get sympathy from other women in a bid to get back on the dating game. Speaking to The Daily Star, a source for the primetime soap said: ''Ian will do anything, He's pathetic. But his lie will catch up with him."