''Hollyoaks'' actor Sikander Malik goes onto Twitter to explain his reasons for leaving the C4 soap

Earlier today, we revealed that Hollyoaks actor Sikander Malik is set to leave his role as Jamil Fadel behind later this year as the student leaves Chester after one year on screens and today, the actor took to Twitter to explain his reasons for leaving the C4 soap despite having only joined last year and judging by his reasons, it looks like he did indeed leave due to Jamil's lack of storylines.

Speaking on his Twitter account, Malik commented:"As an actor, one always likes to be challenged, given the opportunity to explore your character, and be involved in something 'progressive'.Although I have had some completely awesome times working on our show, working with some extremely talented people and have had the good fortune to be paired with some of the finest directors in British television, I truly feel I have so much more to give as an actor, as a person."

Malik then proceeded to agree with fans who like us noticed how little airtime Jamil had since first appearing on the soap in September last year adding: ''Although I am a very patient and humble person by nature, at times it was very frustrating to hear the cries of the fans and agree totally with them, but for the sake of staying 'silent' for others, knowing that no matter how much I agree with you guys, it's ultimately out of my hands.''

Sikander made it clear that he had enjoyed his time on the show which was his first acting role saying: ''"At the end of the day, I have been a very fortunate person to be part of our tremendous show, a show that I am very proud of, but believe me when I tell you this, I don't like to be treated as a third wheel. That's not who I am, and that's not what I signed up for.So therefore I graciously, gratefully and gainfully bow out, taking with me all the many fond memories I have, but also a recollection of all the difficulties I have faced, which I believe have made me a stronger person.''

Fans of the show feared it may be about to be axed earlier this year but Channel 4 publically denied the reports however Malik confirmed that he had been a bit unhappy over some of the changes made to the show by new series producer Gareth Phillips saying: ''There have been a lot of changes at Hollyoaks, some have been very difficult, some have required a great deal of patience, but as a professional, one puts on a smile and says, 'The show must go on!' But don't worry! Having said that, there's still plenty of action to come from our man Jamil, so stay tuned to good old Hollyoaks!"

Are you in agreement with Sikander, do you think that Jamil should have got more storylines or do you believe that he should be grateful for the opportunity and should have stuck it out in the hope that Jamil would come to the forefront of the drama later this year? Viewers will see Jamil leave Chester later this year.

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