Jamil Fadel to leave C4 soap Hollyoaks later this year after just 12 months on the show

Hollyoaks character Jamil Fadel is set to depart Chester later this year as confirmed by the actor who plays him, Sikander Malik. The student who joined the show in September as he began attending Chester's local university alongside other characters such as Leanne Holiday (Jessica Forrest) and Lee Hunter (Alex Carter) however Malik has decided not to renew his contract leading to the departure of Jamil later this year.

The character has been very much a background character only getting one significant storyline which saw his flatmates discover that he was engaged to a girl called Lanika who he then ditched on their wedding day because he was not ready to get hitched.

Speculation of what the character's fate would be came yesterday when the new updated opening credits debuted on the internet when fans of the show noticed that Jamil no longer had a shot in the titles. With many fans taking to Twitter to query why Jamil could not be seen in the credits, Sikander responded to a fan' questioning his character's absence tweeting: "It's because due to my certain concerns, I have decided to leave Hollyoaks this year at the end of my contract."

The tweet has raised further questions with many Hollyoaks viewers wondering if the actor was unhappy with his character's lack of airtime. It's understood that he will film his final scenes over summer with Jamil set to bow out in Autumn.