C4 soap ''Hollyoaks'' has major storyline process and creative team revamp!

Hollyoaks LogoC4 soap Hollyoaks have made an increase in the storyline process of the soap by increasing the role of scriptwriters as part of a new, more streamlined creative process for the soap's storylines.

According to Broadcast, the new overhaul will allow scriptwriters to give their own ideas at conferences as well as dropping the involvement of storyliners. In the previous set-up, storyliners would get ideas for plots and pass them on for further development to writers however writers will now be given a bigger role in the development of the show.

Speaking to the publication, the producer for Hollyoaks Gareth Phillips commented: ''This is a natural progression and is part of the evolution of Hollyoaks as a long-runner. The new storyline process allows us to focus on developing character-based narratives that are relevant to our young audience.''

He added: ''It is a much more exciting way of working and has already generated some fantastic ideas for the show." Further reports claim that the show has recently replaced some established writers with new faces.

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