Kat Moon and Ronnie Branning's 'baby-swap' plot climax allegedly leaked in the press

The dramatic climax to the Eastenders baby-swap storyline will see Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace finally forgive Ronnie Branning (Samantha Womack) for swapping dead baby James for Kat's baby Tommy Moon, a report has claimed.

The News Of The World reports that after initially planning to take revenge on mentally ill Ronnie, Kat finally sees it in her heart to forgive the Walford lady for the wicked actions she took on New Year's Eve. Despite getting initially more angry, Kat screams ''I forgive you'' whilst at Ronnie's trial for the crime.

A source for the BBC1 soap told the tabloid newspaper: ''Kat felt Ronnie had destroyed her life and even with Tommy back things would never be the same again. But the one thing she can relate to is the feeling of losing a child, and she comes to realise just how desperate Ronnie was when she did what she did.''

They added: ''As far as Kat's concerned they can lock Ronnie up and throw away the key. The conversation that changes all that isn't one to miss. In the end she doesn't think jail will achieve anything and makes her feelings clear in the court. But will it do any good?"

The scenes will air during Summer leading to Ronnie's upcoming exit.

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