''Eastenders'' films scenes in Southend as Whitney Dean comes face to face with evil pimp Rob Grayson once again

EastendersBBC1 soap Eastenders has been filming in Southend for future episodes which see vunerable teenager Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) come face to face with Rob Grayson (Jody Latham), the heartless pimp who exploited Whitney leading her into a world of prostitution.

Latham, 29 who plays the evil pimp was snapped filming the dramatic scenes in the seaside town alongside Shona as the dramatic prostitution storyline comes to a close with Rob having angry words with Whitney after her protective older half-brother Ryan Malloy (Neil Mc Dermott) confronts the pimp after finding out what happened to his little sister.

In a tense confrontation, Rob is seen leaning over Whitney reducing the poor girl to tears. After the confrontation, Ryan tracks down Rob leading to a tense stand-off at the pier as Ryan squares up to the evil man who took advantage of Whitney.

However, the scenes quickly went pear-shaped after a stunt man for Ryan was dramatically swept off the pier by the strong winds hitting his head off the rocks. A source told the Daily Mirror: ''The two come to blows but the scene went wrong and one of them fell off. I heard one of the paramedics say that he was moving, but it looked like a very serious incident.''

A spokesperson for the BBC later said: ''We can confirm that a stuntman was injured. We all wish him a speedy recovery.'' Also spotted filming at the seaside location was Ricky Norwood, who plays Arthur ''Fatboy'' Chub  who was spotted at a funfair alongside Shona (Whitney Dean).