Why ''Emmerdale'' should be commended for the euthanasia story - TellyMix's views on the controversial topic

ITV soap Emmerdale has become the latest continuing drama to find itself in hot water for one of its controversial plots. As we explained earlier, the soap which is set in Yorkshire has sparked fury after airing a euthanasia storyline before the 9pm watershed. The story has seen one of the characters,  tetraplegic Jackson Walsh (Marc Silcock) who was injured in a train crash causing severe paralysis from the neck down, take his own life with the help of his mother Hazel Rhodes (Pauline Quirke) and his boyfriend Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller).

The storyline had been building for several months and finally on Tuesday, the plot was aired to a fairly large audience share. Despite this, the armchair critics have struck once again flooding television watchdog Ofcom with complaints about the ITV soap’s decision to air the storyline before the 9pm watershed describing their actions as irresponsible and insensitive.

Furthermore, spinal injury charities have stuck the boot in by describing the plot as unrealistic and stating that it gives a false impression of life to those suffering from paralysis. Well regardless of what the minority think, we believe that Emmerdale should be commended for this plot.

It’s been eye-opening and well written and the writers have made sure not to cast aspersions on people who do assist severely ill friends and relatives to take their own life whilst also making sure to show that there’s no happy ending for anyone through assisted suicide.

The acting has been really superb, the majority would agree and like the baby swap plot in Eastenders earlier this year, it’s once again down to the minority of viewers using the tired excuse of it being unsuitable for children that this story has been scrutinized, once again, if people don’t want their children to watch the storyline, there has been plenty of publicity so they can simply turn the TV over or off, don’t ruin the show for those who want to watch it.

What do you think of this storyline? Do you agree with us that it was a good storyline and doesn't deserve the scrutiny or do you think that it was unsuitable and badly written? Your views are as important as ours so get them in and we may write an article of the viewer's opinions!