Kimberly Cooper to make sensational return as Gypsy Nash in Australian soap ''Home And Away''

Australian actress Kimberly Cooper has announced her return to Australian soap Home And Away as highly popular Gypsy Nash. The actress who last appeared on the soap which airs here in the UK on Channel Five in 2002 will make a return later this year.

The young actress departed the show after her character was seen marrying her beau Will Smith (Zac Drayson) and moving to Queensland with her new husband and daughter Lily. Talking about her comeback, Cooper revealed that she has moved back from Los Angeles to the show's set in Australia.

Speaking to Adelaide Now, she said: ''I left at 21 and now somehow I'm 26.'' She also revealed that her return would be ''dramatic, in true Gypsy style''. Show legend Lynne Mc Granger who plays Irene Roberts previously revealed that she would like to see Gypsy make a return.

Speaking at the time, she said: ''I would love Gypsy to come back. Kimberly Cooper was always a favourite.'' It is expected that Gypsy will come back to look after her daughter Lily after Will was jailed for Penn Graham's murder last year.