''Neighbours'' casts yet another doctor to join Karl in Erinsborough Hospital

NeighboursYou know what they say about buses, you wait for one then two come at once. Well, it seems to be the case with doctors at Erinsborough Hospital in Neighbours. The C5 soap has cast another doctor to join Dr. Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher), Dr. Doug Harris (Mahesh Jadu) and upcoming Dr. Rhys Lawson (Ben Barber).

The newest recruit is Dr. Martin Chambers, played by award-winning actor John Wood who is set to ruffle a few feathers when he appears on screen. Wood is best known for his role as Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon in police drama series Blue Heelers and will start filming a six-month guest slot next week.

The 64-year-old actor will be taking on the role of strict Martin who gains a reuputation for taking his work very seriously and isn't in the mood to mess around. Fellow new character Dr. Rhys Lawson soon realises that after he quickly establishes that his coleague doesn't suffer fools gladly (it's like watching an episode of The Apprentice)!

Speaking of the new casting, executive producer for the show Susan Bower commented: ''We're all thrilled to welcome John to Ramsay Street for what is going to be a great story.'' Wood has also appeared in Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities and Offspring with his 12-year role on Blue Heelers earning him the prestigious Gold Logie Award in 2006. Viewers will see him appear on Australian screens from September.

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