Neighbours casts new hell raiser dubbed ''the housemate from hell'' for two month guest slot

NeighboursNeighbours has cast a brand new troublesome ''housemate from hell'' for existing characters Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) and Jade Mitchell (Gemma Pranita). Actress HaiHa Le will play the minxy newcomer on a two-month guest slot.

Michelle Tran will be introduced to the street later on this year as she moves in with Kyle and Jade and quickly becomes quite hard to live with, coining the title of ''housemate from hell''.  It's not just in home life but also on the Street where she begins to cause trouble as she comes infatuated with a male resident.

However, if you want to know who the (un)lucky man is, you'll have to wait and see as show bosses are determined to keep the identity of the man under wraps.  Talking about her new role, Le said: ''To describe her as annoying is an understatement and she is certainly one of a kind, however despite the madness, she has a heart of gold.''

29-year-old Le is best known for her roles in classic Australian TV series such as Bed Of Roses, Sea Patrol as well as City Homicide. She will first appear on Australian screens in July and has signed a two-month guest role with rumours that there may be a possibility of extending it.

Other recent castings have included Ben Barber in the role of Dr. Rhys Lawson and Orpheus Pledger as Erinsborough High student Noah Parkin.


HaiHa Le in the role of  Michelle Tran

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