With five characters reportedly having been axed from Coronation Street, which characters were axed before their time?

Round-UpWith the recent news that Coronation Street producer Phil Collinson has axed five characters from the show, it's got us thinking of previous soap axings, more specifically the characters who were axed before their time. So have a  peek at the characters we believe had more steam left in them.

Viv Hope (Deena Payne)

A bit of an odd one this. Despite being one of Emmerdale's stalwarts, Deena Payne was sensationally axed from the ITV1 soap last year after being sidelined in the show in favour of other characters. Many confused viewer and a disappointing exit later and we still don't know why she was axed.

Poppy Morales (Sophiya Haque)

The 51st barmaid in The Rovers Return was an interesting character, she didn't have any major storylines of her own but she still managed to interest viewers with her all-seeing eye landing naughty Dev Alahan (Jimmi Hasharkin) and Steve Mc Donald (Simon Gregson) in trouble after rumbling both of their affairs. Yet, after just six months she was axed with the usual excuse of ''the character has run its' course. We're not convinced and her exit storyline of firing Betty was a cop-out for a potentially decent character.

Lucy Beale (Melissa Suffield)

She was the daughter of show original Ian Beale (Adam Woodyat) and deceased hell-raiser Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) and we and many others loved Lucy's antics. However, Dierdrick Santer axed the character stating that it was due to ''unruly off-screen behaviour'', regardless of Melissa's personal life, she was a good actress and with Ian missing all of his family bar little Bobby, we want her back.

Loretta Jones (Melissa Sutton)

Loretta was a sexy stripper with a chequered past first introduced in Hollyoaks Later. However her killer secret was quickly axed due to similarities to the tragic case of James Bulger. An unconvincing stalker storyline ensued and upon his appointment as Producer, Paul Marquess axed both Loretta and boyfriend Jake Dean (Kevin Sacre) leaving us baffled and confused.

Martha McKenzie (Jodi Gordon)

Martha was one of Home And Away's most well-loved and frequently featured characters. However after an off-screen drugs incident, Jodi Gordon announced her departure from the show. Her exit, unlike the others featured in the list, was at least intriguing however we can't help but feel like most others that Jodi was axed for her off-screen behaviour especially as her co-star Lincoln Lewis, who played Jeff Campbell left after a sex-tape incident.

So having unleashed our inner cynic and debating the Soap axings we didn't agree with maybe you disagree with us? Are there characters we didn't include on the list who should have been or do you believe that some characters on our list did indeed run their course? Either way, we want your views.

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