Amber Kalirai rumoured to split up popular couple Sian and Sophie after Corrie return!

So amidst all the drama of 5 characters being axed from Coronation Street, it may have escaped fans that popular character Amber Kalirai will be making a return to the cobbles *cheers* but oddly, she looks set to split up lesbian couple Sophie (Webster) and Sian (Powers).

Yes, despite not being lesbian and having had a long-term relationship on the show when she last appeared in 2009, Amber, played by Nikki Patel is set to split up the popular couple (Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent) leading to the exit of Sian.

According to The People, Amber will share a kiss with Sophie who takes a liking to the returning character. However, despite this, the paper then claimed that a new character rumoured to be upcoming character Eva played by ex-Emmerdale star Katherine Tyldesley will be a lesbian and will be behind the shock love split.

A few week ago, responding to the rumours of the new character, Brooke Vincent who plays Sophie said: ''I’ve heard that ­rumour. Just because she’s a lesbian it doesn’t mean it’s going to affect us. There are a lot of lesbians. There’s a lot of straight people on the street too. It’s all up in the air. If you want to know what’s happening, ask the writers.''

Unfortunately, it's not quite clear if Amber will be the cause of the split or if it will be newbie Eva. Hopefully Phil, now nicknamed ''CULLinson'' by fans will make it clear who is going and who is staying in the show but for now, it's looking like Sian and Sophie won't be love's young dream for much longer.

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