Popular couple Karl and Susan Kennedy to face new marriage problems in ''Neighbours''

Neighbours favourites Karl and Susan Kennedy will face more obstacles in their marriage, Jackie Woodburne has revealed. The show stalwart who has played Susan on a regular basis for more than 15 years has revealed that her character and husband Karl (Alan Fletcher) who have married three times will see their marriage in crisis yet again.

However, despite Karl's previous history for having affairs, Susan is the one who puts pressure on the marriage after she finds herself emotionally attracted to another man. Show bosses recently teased the development after announcing that their on-screen son Malcolm Kennedy (Benjamin McNair) would be coming back to Ramsay Street to sort out his parents' marriage crisis.

However, in an interview with showbiz and entertainment website Digital Spy, Woodburne commented on the new storyline saying: ''I think it's great. Any relationship that has been going for 30 years is going to have turbulent patches, and I think they are too young to settle into comfortable dotage. If you survive the difficult times, the relationship is bigger and better.''

Woodburne added: ''She absolutely does develop a very strong attachment to another man, and I think the basis of it is Susan's desire to be needed.  The children have grown up, the kids are moving away. I think she is probably trying to redefine who she is as a person without children dependant on her. She is very vunerable to someone who has very special needs and wants to step in to help.''

Commenting on the return of Malcolm, Woodburne said: ''He can help them because he is coming in with fresh eyes. He hasn't been around for a long time, so on top of that he has points of reference, historical moments of his parents' relationship, and knows their weaknesses, who may be at fault, who might be overrecting - so he'll be a great help.''



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