Coronation Street character to file for divorce from their current spouse reportedly

Corrie favourite Steve Mc Donald is set to file for divorce from current wife Becky Mc Donald, it has been revealed. The pub owner, played by Simon Gregson is set to call for a divorce from his current wife, played by Katherine Kelly after she goes on a rampage threatening to kill his ex and the mother of his daughter Amy, toxic Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford)

The drama comes about next month after Becky's nephew Max is taken into care after it is revealed to social services that the couple bought him off Becky's sister Kylie Turner (Paula Lane). Believing it to be Tracy, Becky takes a sledge hammer and trashes No.1 Coronation Street. Becky then begins to turn to alcohol as she struggles to cope with her troubled life.

The Daily Star reports that Steve is fuming and decides that enough is enough and begins to organize the paperwork for a divorce. Becky's alcoholism is soon causing even more trouble as she cheats on her husband with an unsavoury old pal of hers named ''Noodle''.

After she steals her husband's credit card and blows a load of cash on booze, Becky returns to the street, a drunken mess and angrily tells her husband: ''I had a different bloke every night and Noodle was twice the man you'll ever be.'' Seeing red, Steve realises that enough is enough and tells Becky that they're over. A source revealed: ''Steve just can't handle it anymore. Becky's behaviour has pushed him over the edge.