Adele Silva films her final scenes of ''Emmerdale'' guest stint

Emmerdale actress Adele Silva is to bow out of the ITV soap after her current guest stint ends, it has been confirmed. Viewers will see Kelly, who arrived in the village at the start of this year, leave in a few weeks time after Adele finished filming her stint a few weeks ago.

Kelly has been at the centre of Jimmy King's (Nick Miles') amnesia storyline which saw her character kidnap her ex-partner and attacked him causing amnesia, leading him to believe that he was with her instead of his current wife Nicola.  However, despite show bosses luring Adele back to the soap, her time was only ever meant to be short.

Silva is now filming a new movie called Strippers Vs Werewolves which she has described as a Shaun Of The Dead-esque black comedy. Bosses may have confirmed that her character was only back for the purpose of the amnesia storyline but rumours suggest that we could see her back on screen later this year.

A spokesperson for ITV told Digital Spy: ''The character of Kelly was brought back specifically for the purpose of the amnesia storyline which will conclude shortly. Adele therefore finished filming two weeks ago but there is every chance Kelly could return later in the year.''



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