Eastenders reveals the new Moon family set to join Alfie and Kat on the Square later this year

EastendersBBC soap Eastenders have unveiled the new Moon family set to cause a stir in Walford when they arrive to live in Walford with relatives Kat and Alfie Moon (Shane Ritchie and Jessie Wallace) later this year. The cheeky trio are to be headed by silver fox and Alfie's uncle Eddie Moon who is played by 70's music heart-throb David Essex.

Speculation about the new family has been rife since David's role on the show was announced by show bosses a few months ago. Rumours suggested that ex-Busted member Matt Willis was close to landing a role on the show however today those rumours have been quashed as pictures of the new relatives have been unveiled with Alfie's two cousins, Tyler and Anthony Moon set to be played by Tony Disciple and Matt Lapinskas.

Tyler, the younger brother will be the first of the two to arrive, following in the footsteps of his father Eddie when he comes to Walford looking for the charasmatic bloke himself. He has been revealed as a real ''bloke's bloke'' who lives for the weekend however can sometimes get into trouble for his laddish behaviour. His older brother, played by Lapinskas shares some traits with his sibling but reports say that unlike Tyler who has a short fuse, Anthony will be calm and collected.

A source for the show which is produced by Elstree said: ''Where Tyler is quick to use his fist to sort things out, Anthony will rely on his brains and natural wit to find a more sensitive solution to any conflict. The two new Moons are a couple of likely lads who will likely cause a stir in Walford.'' Much like their father, the boys are expected to be charming and will have an eye for the ladies.

Speaking of the decision to cast him as younger brother Tyler, Disciple said: ''It's really exciting to be able to work on a show that you have grown up watching and have followed your whole life. I am very grateful to be given this opportunity and am looking forward to working on the show and becoming a true East-Ender!''

Equally delighted was Matt Lapinskas who said of his role: ''I'm absolutely over the moon (no pun intended)! It has been my lifetime ambition to be on Eastenders - I have watched it growing up with my nan, who is a big fan. I'm so pleased to get my first TV role, I just didn't believe it would be so big.  I've met some of the cast I will be working with who were very friendly and welcoming and I can't wait to start filming.''

Concluding the comments, their new boss, Bryan Kirkwood added: ''Both Tony and Matt are fabolous auditions to the show. Headed up by David Essex, the Moon clan are on their way to becoming an established family on the Square.'' Tyler and Anthony's brother Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) has already established himself on the Square to mixed reviews from viewers.