Ian Smith reveals more about Harold Bishop's Neighbours return later this year!

Ian Smith has revealed more about his highly popular character Harold Bishop's return to Neighbours. The Australian actor who played Harold Bishop in Neighbours until 2009 is set to reprise his role as the jolly pensioner on the soap which airs over here on C5 for a short time later this year as Harold comes back to Ramsay Street to help a friend.

It has been confirmed that he will be back to help out Jarrod ''Toadfish'' Rebbechi, played by Ryan Moloney who is set to see his whole world collapse after his girlfriend Sonya Mitchell (Eve Morey) reveals that she is the biological mother of his adoptive son Callum Jones (Morgan Baker) later this week. An angry Toadie will kick her out of the house telling her never to interfere in their lives again.

Talking about his character's return, Ian revealed that good-spirited Harold finds himself caught between Sonya and Toadie as he begins to see why Sonya decided not to tell Callum or Toadie for so long. Ian revealed that Harold is called back after Toadie contacts him to ask him for advice however to his shock when he returns, he realises there is much more to the story than he was told by Toadie.

Speaking to TV Week, Smith commented: ''Harold sympathises with the situation, but he can't make up his mind about who is wrong, or if it's just a human mix-up. He knows how Sonya and Toadie feel about each other and he can't see why they aren't together.''

However it won't be just Toadie's love life Harold will be interested in as he returns with a lady friend and by the time he leaves again he'll be leaving with a wife as the couple are set to get married at the gazebo! So are you glad to see old Jelly Belly back or would you rather see new characters?

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