*Yawn* Recent addition to Emmerdale cast set to seduce her daughter's boyfriend in saucy plot!

Get ready for another affair as Emmerdale newcomer Ella Hart (Corrinne Wicks) is set to seducer daughter Mia's (Sapphire Elia's) boyfriend Adam Barton (Adam Thomas). The cougar who came into the show in December along with Mia to live with estranged husband Declan Macey (Jason Merrels) will turn to the young farmhand after feeling neglected by Declan who she recently got back together with.

The blonde bombshell makes the first move after becoming envious of the attention Adam pays to her teenage daughter who he has been seeing since she first came into the show. Despite the fact that her and Declan are giving it another go, his busy work schedule leaves her feeling lonely and she becomes unable to resist temptation. Adam, who works for Declan sees it as his duty to keep her company and enjoys a quiet drink with Ella however, to his shock, she makes a move on him and he responds!

The saucy scenes (pictured below) are the beginning of an affair between the pair who are set to go behind their partners' backs to continue their secret relationship. As can be expected, things will not be easy and should they get caught out, Ella will no doubt be left even lonelier having cheated on not only her husband but her daughter too by seeing her boyfriend.

Hand us a bucket, the saucy scenes aren't for those with a weak stomach.

Speaking about the storyline, Adam Thomas who previously played Donte Charles in Waterloo Road and is the brother of Coronation Street's Ryan Thomas, who plays Jason Grimshaw told Take It Easy magazine: ''Well, it's every boy's dream to be chased by an older woman. Adam's been going out with her daughter Mia for a while and he sees Ella being neglected by her husband. He feels sorry for her.''

He added: ''He's quite flattered. He just reacts how the majority of boys his age would. Even though he's got Mia to think about, it's offered to him on a plate and he doesn't really know how to handle it.'' Ella's first appearance in the village saw her leave behind her life as a successful businesswoman in Singapore to give it another go with her husband Declan who had previously relocated earlier in 2010.

Are you like us more than a little bored of the constant affair storylines in soaps or do you think this latest affair will have you at the edge of your seats (with a bucket probably)? Sorry, we couldn't resist!