TellyMix draws up its own list of the Hollyoaks characters that should be Silas'd!

Hollyoaks LogoAll of the soap fans out there will know what I'm talking about when I say that some characters in Hollyoaks need to be Silas'd. The term is named after current serial killer Silas Blissett, played by the legendary Jeff Rawle who sees it as his duty to rid the world of less than savoury people i.e. slutty females. However, in drawing up our own list of characters to meet their maker via the (not so) good man himself, we're throwing all the rules out the door and including male characters too. Enjoy!

Noah Baxter

We're not quite sure whether it's his annoying accent, odd body language or the fact that Law Thompson is a pretty wooden actor but whatever it is, Noah needs to make a swift exit. The character is as dull as dishwater and every scene he's in seems to be quite cringeworthy. So, we wouldn't mind if he was to accidentally stumble upon Silas attempting to do another resident in just as long as he remembered to bump Noah off too.

Likelihood of it happening: Pretty much zero, Silas seems to target the female characters and unless Noah accidentally catches him red-handed, we can't see him being on the list.

Liberty Savage

We'll be fair, what Abi Phillips lacks in acting ability, she makes up for in singing ability. Liberty has already treated us to a bit of Make You Feel My Love which we have to say was very well performed however the truth is, Liberty is an awful character. We're not sure if it's Abi's odd habit of saying things dreadfully slow whilst sounding like she's pinching her nose but Silas could get rid of her quite easily.

Likelihood of it happening: Much more likely than Noah but still not a great chance, the only possiblity is that Silas may get fed up of her boyfriend Ethan (Craig Vye) snooping around.

Ethan Scott

Speak of the devil! Yes, Ethan may provide a bit of relief for the female race with his charms but take away his physical appearance and sadly, you've got a slightly irritating and wooden detective. He may seem like Samuel L. Jackson in scenes with Noah and the gang but paired with Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter),he's exposed as a pretty wooden actor. Oh Silas, we've got another job for you!

Likelihood of it happening: The odds have increased ever so slightly with Ethan. He's a cop and a sly and nosy one at that. If Silas begins to feel like Ethan is onto him, he may need to get rid of him swiftly before he discovers who killed India Longford and Jennifer/Rebecca.

We're more than willing to help Silas find another victim if he wishes!

Kathleen McQueen

This one is a bit harder to explain. Alison Burrows is a pretty decent actress playing Myra Mc Queen's (Nicole Barber-Lane's) troublesome sister, mother to Theresa but the character is so repulsive, we can't bear to see her on screen. It's probably her fondness of making her daughter give her money so she can go off and blow it on holidays with her latest squeeze but we wouldn't cry too many tears were Silas to work his charms on the gold-digger.

Likelihood of it happening: Very possible, she may not have shared scenes with him but Kathleen's tendency to see money before character could put her in line to fellow money grabber Jenny (Daisy Turner)

Riley Costello

We know this is a lost cause considering that Riley is Silas' grandson but we can hope! We'll be honest, Riley Costello is possibly our least favourite Hollyoaks resident. It might be his vanity, his luck to have Mercedes Mc Queen (Jennifer Metcalfe) or the fact that Rob Norbury is as wooden as the forest Silas kills his victims in but Riley needs to go. Maybe Riley can stumble in on Silas attempting to cleanse his fiancée Mercedes who seems to be next on Silas' hit list?

Likelihood of it happening: No chance! We can only hope that Riley chooses the wrong moment to spend ''quality time'' with his grandfather and ends up dead as a doornail but it's looking very unlikely!

Special Mentions: Doug Carter, Carl Costello, Leanne Holiday, Lee Hunter and Melody Longford have all narrowly escaped our evil evil minds but Silas can take them if he's not fussed on the five we mentioned. Forgive us if we seem harsh but with the brilliant Daisy Turner only lasting a few weeks as Jenny before Silas sent her to the gold-digger's paradise in the sky and no word of a more permanent role for Annie Cooper who impressed us as pretty Alex, it's frustrating even for the usually quiet (yeah right) TellyMix to see some of the more actors getting long stints on the show.

If you would like to send a few requests Silas' way, just pop a little comment below the article and we'll pass it on to the charming Chester chap himself. in the meantime, enjoy the next few months of Hollyoaks because a little birdie tells us that Silas will continue his killing streak for the rest of the year at least. No word of when Blissett Deadwood Solutions opens for business though.



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