Corrie Newcomer Stella to fight back against armed robbers, reports claim

MichelleUpcoming Corrie landlady Stella will show her might by taking on armed robbers as she makes her entrance onto the street, it has been reported. The steely barmaid who is set to be employed by Steve Mc Donald as the new manager for The Rovers Return will turn up in June, played by Michelle Collins and makes an impression instantly.

Stella's husband Karl will be played by Taggart actor John Michie, the couple move into Weatherfield after Stella gets the job and she quickly shows that she's not to be messed with after she comes across armed robbers trying to steal from the betting shop, taking them on in order to rescue Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson).

Coming across the scene, Stella quickly pushes a robber to the ground as one of them attempts to hit Leanne pver the head with a baseball bat. In an interview earlier this month, Collins told reporters that Stella would be ''strong and feisty'' but promised far from being Coronation Street's answer to Cindy Beale, the evil character she portrayed in Eastenders, Stella would be charming and friendly.

A source revealed that her actions lead to her being hailed a hero by the residents, the incident is set to take place in June shortly after she gets the job in the pub. The source teased: ''Stella will be a landlady with nerves of steel. She is going to be great for Corrie and these scenes show how much bosses are expecting from Michelle.'' You can watch the scenes in June!