Who killed Amy Barnes on Hollyoaks? Her killer may have just been revealed...


Amy Barnes's killer on Hollyoaks may have been inadvertently leaked in a potentially massive spoiler.

Last night's E4 first look showing of Hollyoaks revealed the aftermath of Amy's shock death.


Speaking about the scenes on ITV's This Morning earlier today, Kieron Richardson - who plays suspect Ste Hay - may have given away more than he planned to.

Chatting to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, the actor spilled: "There's six or seven suspects. They've shot loads of different endings."

Kieron then appeared to suggest he was the killer after recalling filming his scenes: "Even in the final scenes when I was... with!"

With his head in his hands, a flustered Kieron suggested he was "going to get into so much trouble" for potentially spoiling the ending.


"I can't really concentrate right now because I feel like I've lost my job," Kieron said. "Have you got any jobs going here, because I might need one?"

He then added: "There's loads of suspects! Just watch it tonight!" before running off set.

Holly reacted: "I think we broke him!"

Speaking to DigitalSpy, a source on the Hollyoaks set downplayed Kieron's comments.

They explained that multiple endings had been filmed but only one will actually be revealed to be the truth when it goes out on air.


"Each of the scenes will be flashbacks to the night of Amy's death, but only one will ever be shown on TV when the mystery is solved later this year," they explained.

Hollyoaks airs at 6:30PM on Channel 4.

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