With the Royal Wedding tomorrow, how are the Nation's Soaps celebrating the prestiguous day?

Round-UpI don't know if you're all aware but there's a wedding tomorrow between some lady called Kate Middleton and a man called William and for some reason, there's a big deal being made of it. So being true to life, the soaps are also doing their bit and 5 of them will be celebrating the wedding with special scenes showing the characters preparing for it. So here's the low-down on how they'll celebrate it!

Neighbours: The bosses behind the Australian soap are being awfully good to all us UK residents and have filmed scenes especially for the UK audience. Tomorrow's episode has already aired a few weeks ago in Australia but in special extra footage, viewers will see Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer) and Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major) fight over the remote as Kate attempts to watch the ceremony!

Emmerdale: The villagers will be gathered in The Woolpack as the prestiguous ceremony is shown on the TV before the pub puts on a Royal related quiz however there's drama galore as Amy becomes convinced that David fancies her but will her thoughts be right?

This is the wedding they're all talking about, bet there won't be the murder, infidelity and fights you expect in a soap wedding though!

Coronation Street: Surprisingly the nation's biggest soap will be more or less avoiding the special day with a few references littered through the episode and only a bit of bunting letting viewers know that they Royal Wedding is taking place.

Eastenders: Meanwhile London-based Eastenders will be pulling out all the stops with a massive street party taking place in Walford as little Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) is made a princess for the day by Dot Branning (June Brown) with kind-hearted Fatboy (Ricky Norwood) agreeing to be her prince. However, he has his eyes set on another local lady as he make a shock proposal to best friend Mercy Olubunmi (Bunni Mojekwu).

Hollyoaks: And Corrie's fellow Manchester-based soap is also going to be briefly mentioning Kate and William's wedding as Carl and Heidi Costello (Paul Opacic and Kim Tiddy) try to celebrate the wedding by screening it in their pub The Dog In The Pond however family chaos ensues as Seth (Miles Higson) is at loggerheads with brother Riley's (Rob Norbury's) fiancée Mercedes McQueen over her affair with Carl.

So how are you going to celebrate the Royal Wedding? Will you be marking the occasion or like Corrie and Hollyoaks, will you be briefly mentioning it in passing?

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