Rachel Shelton teases dramatic upcoming plot for her character Mitzeee in Hollyoaks!

Mitzeee Minniver will discover that her boyfriend Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) killed his wife Louise in an upcoming storyline, her actress has confirmed. Rachel Shelton who plays TellyMix favourite and Cheryl Cole look-alike Mitzeee has revealed that her bubbly character will be left to deal with a shocking revelation as she realises the extent to which her man has went.

Shelton has confirmed that her character will be ''terrified'' when she comes across the shocking truth behind Louise's death. Viewers saw Warren kill Louise on their wedding day in December 2008 however no body was found leading to speculation that the character, who was played by Roxanne Mc Kee would make a return.

The dramatic storyline which kicks off next month, begins after detective Ethan Scott (Craig Vye) tells Mitzeee that he will do a deal with her if she betrays  bad boy Warren by releasing her mum Trish who has been arrested for soliciting. In an interview with soap magazine All About Soap, Shelton who joined the show last year said: ''Ethan blackmails her into doing some digging about Louise Summers' murder in return for letting Trish out of prison. Mitzeee is very loyal to her mum and would do anything to help her.''

''She questions Warren but it all goes wrong when he discovers that Mitzeee is recording their conversation. He's not pleased Mitzeee is double-crossing him, so he uses the fact that Ethan's blackmailing Mitzeee to turn the tables and blackmail him back.''

Shelton then revealed her character's reaction when she finds out the truth behind Louise's murder commenting: ''Mitzeee can't believe it. He tells her everything about the night Louise died, and Mitzeee suddenly has all this power. She's terrified that Warren might be capable of killing someone he loves again, but she has no idea what to do with this new information.''

However to try and prepare in case Warren was to kill again, Mitzee writes a letter with all the information to journalist Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox) instructing her not to open it unless something happens to Mitzeee. However as Rachel reveals, things don't go to plan: ''It's not long before it gets accidentally shredded - or so they think. In fact, the letter is actually hanging around somewhere and it will no doubt come back to haunt Mitzeee in the not-too-far future.''

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