''Corrie'' actress Anne Kirkbride gets upset filming dramatic scenes for upcoming storyline

Coronation Street actress Anne Kirkbride has been upset whilst filiming dramatic upcoming scenes for the ITV soap which see Becky Mc Donald (Katherine Kelly) smash up Deirdre and Ken's (William Roache) living room with a sledge hammer after she accuses toxic Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) of reporting her to social services for buying her nephew Max off sister Kylie Turner (Paula Lane).

The violent scenes which are set to air next month took their toll on emotional Anne who became visibly upset whilst filming the difficult scenes. Reports suggest that the actress said: ''Look what they are doing to my house....look what they are doing to it. It's so horrible. I can't bear to see this.'' According to the reports, Anne's concerned co-stars took her into the green room so she could calm down.

The source said: ''Anne is known to be emotional but these scnes really got to her and she obviously found it very hard to handle seeing the Barlow's house being trashed. It's only a set, but in fairness she has spent a large part of her life in that front room. She was in a terrible way, absolutely wailing her eyes out. These were some of the most violent scenes anyone can remember. In all Anne had to take about four or five breaks.''

However, a spokesperson for Corrie has denied the rumours saying: ''We are unaware of any incidents that disrupted filming. We revealed last week that Becky would be seen trashing the house in an attempt to injure arch-nemesis Tracy and new information has since been released revealing that the incident will take inspiration from iconic film The Shining with Becky shouting ''Here's Becky!'' as she smashes down the front door of the Barlow's house. ''It sends a chill down the spine'', a source said.