Enders' Masood to kidnap love rival Yusef in a dark and hostile new storyline

Eastenders' postman Masood Ahmed will continue to travel down a dark path in an upcoming storyline after he kidnaps wife Zainab's (Nina Wadia) ex-husband Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti) and threatens to kill him because he believes that Zainab is pining for her ex.

The normally mild-mannered bloke, played by Nitin Ganatra lashes out after Yusef tries to remind Zainab of the happy marriage they once had. Seeing red, Masood (as pictured) kidnaps Yusef and douses him in petrol, threatening to set him on fire unless he stays away from Zainab. The man then turns up bloody and covered in petrol and informs her of what has happened.

This shocking twist comes in the wake of actor Nitin Ganatra revealing that the usually friendly man will gain a more evil streak in future storylines as he turns to gambling and begins to become not such a nice person. The two men haven't been getting along since Yusef turned up on the square in March, this latest clash reflects actions towards Zainab which we were told about recently. After she cheated on Yusef in Pakistan with Masood, Yusef's family set Zainab alight.

Speaking about this shocking story, a source told News Of The World: ''Masood has never got over that. Tension has been simmering for a while and leads to an outpouring of violence from Masood that leaves Yusef seriously injured. But Yusef will get his own back. It is a twisted love triangle that will also show the sometimes brutal side of arranged marriages. It's not clear if their marriage will survive Yusef's meddling.''

''They've had so much to contend with recently - Tamwar falling in love with Afia and Syed in hospital. But Yusef obviously wants Zainab back and will do anything he can to drive a wedge between Masood and Zainab. Zainab will have a lot of thinking to do'', the source added. Viewers will see the action begin on-screen in around six weeks time.