Jack Branning to have ANOTHER one-night stand on BBC's 'Eastenders'

Everyone's favourite serial father Jack Branningmay be getting another Walford lady up the duff in a few weeks time as the grieving businessman has a one-night stand with recovering drug addict Rainie Cross.  Yes, the man who recently discovered that the baby living with him and wife Ronnie Branning (Samantha Womack) was actually Kat and Alfie's baby Tommy is set to turn to an unlikely source of comfort in a few weeks time.

According to tabloid newspaper The Sun, Jack (Scott Maslen) will sleep with former sister-in-law Tanya's (Jo Joyner) sister Rainie (Tanya Franks) in the wake of wife Ronnie's shocking admission to swapping their dead baby James for Kat's child Tommy leading to Kat and Alfie grieving for a child that wasn't theirs and Jack unwittingly raising somebody else's child.

As Ronnie lingers in jail, Rainie provides comfort for Jack, listening to his woes and providing a shoulder to cry on, something that is repayed by Jack spending the night with the woman. A source for the BBC soap told the newspaper: ''Jack's a real mess. He's lost his son and his wife. Rainie is there for him.''

Speculation had been rife after an official synopsis for an upcoming episode was released last week stating: ''Jack finds himself being comforted by Rainie as he continues on a path of self-destruction'' however no further details of the twist had been revealed until now. Rainie returned earlier this month as she and her mother Cora Cross, played by Ann Mitchell attended her sister Tanya's wedding to Greg Jessop.

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