Ricky Norwood hopes for on-screen father to return to Eastenders after upcoming exit

FatboyEastenders' Ricky Norwood has expressed his interest in seeing his character Fatboy's father Ashley Chubb make a return to the Square.  Fatboy was shocked to see his father, played by Colin Mace turn up in Walford amid personal troubles.

However, we will see a shamed Ashley leave Albert Square next week after angering his son by spitefully reporting Fatboy's best friend and secret crush Mercy Olubunmi (Bunni Mojekwu) to the UK Border Agency for  overstaying her Visa.

The father makes the call after seeing how upset his son is over Mercy's new relationship with Seb. In an interview with Inside Soap, Ricky said: ''Ashley just thinks Mercy has betrayed his son. He believes he's doing the right thing... But Fatboy's so upset with Ashley, who leaves Walford at that point.''

Continuing on, he said: ''There's great chemistry between Ashley and Fatboy, so I'm hoping Colin will be back again very soon.'' In a shock twist, Ashley might be back for wedding bells as Fatboy will be proposing to Mercy next month in a bid to keep her in the country. The episode will coincide with the Royal Wedding.