Former ''Eastenders'' actor lands guest role in upcoming episodes of ''Hollyoaks''

Eastenders actor Arinze Kene has landed a guest role in Hollyoaks as troublesome newcomer Rocco who arrives in the village next month. The actor who played the role of Connor Stanley on the BBC soap from early 2010 until earlier this year is set to make his way to Chester in May as part of a new story centred around Riley Costello (Rob Norbury).

After the newcomer is introduced to the young footballer by Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas), Riley becomes drawn into organizing a bet with his newly aquired friend however unfortunately for Riley, Rocco isn't exactly the sort of person the naive young man wants to be mixing with.

At first, Riley has a run of good luck but as the beginner's luck runs out and the stakes begin to get higher, the lad is left in a difficult position as he has debt to pay to Rocco, something that the rough newcomer isn't going to forget in a hurry.

Troublesome Rocco soon shows his true colours

After Warren warns Riley that Rocco isn't the sort of person he wants to mess with, Riley begins to wonder what he has got himself into and Warren's words are proven right as the bad boy threatens Riley's fiancée Mercedes Mc Queen (Jennifer Metcalfe) leaving fans to ponder if Riley can find a way out of the mess he's got himself into.

Arinze played the role of Connor Stanley, Billy Jackson's  (Devon Anderson) mate with a more prominent role in the show coming in the wake of Billy's death after Billy's mum Carol (Lindsay Coulson) turned to the young lad whilst still grieving for her son. Viewers can see Rocco causing trouble from early next month.

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