Lacey Turner's sister Daisy speaks about mysterious new role in Hollyoaks

Eastenders star Lacey Turner's sister Daisy has admitted that she felt under pressure to impress when filming her debut scenes for C4 soap Hollyoaks. The actress, whose older sister Lacey played highly popular Stacey Branning in BBC soap Eastenders has been cast as mysterious newcomer Jenny who turns up in Chez Chez looking to even the score with a resident.

Talking to The Sun, the pretty actress revealed that she fears comparisons to her award-winning older sister when  Jenny makes her on-screen debut hoping that she can live up the standards of her talented sibling. She said: ''I've prepared myself for people to say I'm not as good as Lacey. It can be annoying to always be referred to as her sister.''

She continued: ''But getting this part is something I've done on my own. I don't want people to think I only got it because of Lacey. Lacey has done so well - it does put pressure on me.  I think she is brilliant and I want to be as good as that. I've tried my best so we'll have to wait and see what people think.''

Lacey has a highly successful career on the show playing Stacey for six years before eventually leaving on Christmas Day 2010 having picked up numerous awards for her portrayal as the young market-trader. Talking about her inspiration to become an actress, Daisy admitted that her famous sibling did play a part in her decision saying: ''Seeing her on screen pushed me to want to be an actress. I was about 16 when she joined Eastenders. It was a bit weird seeing her on telly at first but you get used to it.''

The actress finally added: ''I found it funny when she did sex scenes. But I cried when Stacey was diagnosed with bipolar, thinking, ''That's my sister, what's she doing?''' The actresses' younger sister Lily Harvey has also appeared on television playing a short guest role as cheeky Shanice in early 2010, the daughter of Kat Moon's friend Martina. So, are you looking forward to seeing Jenny? Do you believe that Daisy can live up to her sister's standards?

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