Greg and Tanya get hitched in ''Eastenders'' this week but what are our favourite ''Enders'' weddings?

EastendersThis week's Eastenders wedding between Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner) and Greg Jessop (Stefan Booth)  looks set to be a non-stop saga of dramatic stunts, massive revelations and a runaway bride! And to celebrate the brilliant week of episodes, TellyMix is reflecting on the best Enders weddings from the small matter of a non-Jewish bride at a Jewish wedding to a kind pastor taking time out of his wedding reception ''assist'' his wife's ex-husband. So, sit back, relax and look back at the most dramatic weddings where the cake was the least of the couple's worries!

Janine Butcher and David

It's always nice to embrace your religion so when everyone's favourite uber-bitch Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) returned to the square in 2008, it was a wedding dress that she was wearing as she married her rich sugar-daddy David, who believed that her name was Judith Bernstein! Cue Janine's former step-mother affectionately named ''Fat Pat'' by the lass crashing the wedding in style with one of the best doof doof moments  in history as Pat uttered the classic one-liner ''She's about as Jewish as a bacon sandwich''. A few cross words exchanged and Janine's man looked a little bit worse for wear as he suffered a heart attack and died. Ahh, nothing like a feel-good ending to a wedding (or not).

Stacey Slater and Bradley Branning

They had the makings of a perfect couple, together they were fan favourites, lovely Bradley was completely devoted to his bride and she was pretty smitten for him too. Pity, she was sleeping with his dad though. Yes, as well as seeing Bradley, Stacey had an affair with married Max Branning in a long-running story that didn't just end at the altar. The couple got married but as Stacey got undressed,  she was assisted by an only too willing Max unaware that the whole thing was being filmed on Lauren's camcorder which had peskily turned itself on whilst sitting on the shelf. Needless to say, a nice peek at the wedding video over Christmas lead to red faces for ashamed Stacey and Max and two paticular residents were left out in the cold by their respective partners.

Archie Mitchell and Peggy Mitchell

Peggy, Peggy, Peggy! Not content with marrying one philandering Mitchell brother, she then thought it might be a good idea to marry the other! Luckily for her, Archie was a silver haired charmer and nothing like his brother, well I'm sure her first husband didn't try to control her life! Archie may not have cheated but he did rape his daughter Ronnie, make her think the child she gave birth to as a teenager was dead and then to top it all off, he raped Stacey too! She did marry him but in a very short honeymoon, the truth behind the identity of Danielle Jones was revealed and Peggy ditched the control freak whilst Ronnie was reunited with her daughter, well until Janine came round the corner in her sports car!

It's not just the bride who finds herself at the centre of this week's drama as Ronnie confesses a shocking secret to Kat!

Denise Fox and Lucas Johnson

When suave Lucas Johnson came back into ex-flame Denise's life after abandoning her and an unborn Chelsea and turning to drugs when they were younger, she was understandably apprehensive. However, with the man now having turned to a life of God by becoming a pastor, it wasn't long before the couple were reunited. Even the unwanted interference of Lucas' ex-wife Trina couldn't tear them apart (well after Lucas watched her impale herself on a rake). However, we soon began to realise that the man was intent on ''cleansing the world of the unpure'' and on their wedding day, he claimed his first victim, killing Denise's ex-husband Owen by strangling him with a tie and later burying the remains under Trina's memorial tree. Oh and to top it all off, he then faked Denise's death to make it look as if she comitted suicide after having murdered Owen. Definitely picked a keeper there Denise.

Bianca Jackson and Ricky Butcher

We all know the familiar cries of ''Rickaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy'' most notably the hen-pecked man himself so when childhood sweethearts Bianca and Ricky both returned to the square in 2008, it was only a matter of time before they got back together. Thus, an impromptu wedding followed in Febaury of 2010 tieing in with the special live episode celebrating the BBC soap's 25th anniversary.  And despite the return of Bianca's mother Carol Jackson who was determined to ruin the big day for her estranged daughter, things went ahead without a hitch. Well apart from when Bianca's cousin Bradley threw himself 0ff a building while his wife Stacey confessed to Max that she murdered Archie Mitchell. You know what they say about relatives, pity you can't choose them!

So eventually, we have it there! If you're planning on getting married in Albert Square, my advice is lock up your relatives, ex-spouse, everyone really. Or on second thoughts, just don't get married there! What remains to be seen is whether Tanya will even make it past the vows before she has to make a quick getaway to be at the bedside of a certain ex-husband of hers. Get your wedding hat ready but be prepared, it may not go quite as smoothly as planned!

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