Tracy Barlow for new child poisoning plot in Coronation Street?

Corrie bad girl Tracy Barlow is to be accused of poisoning daughter Amy in a dramatic upcoming storyline, it has been confirmed. The accusation will come after seven-year-old Amy is struck by a mystery ilness.

Tracy, portrayed by Kate Ford contacts the youngster's dad, her ex Steve Mc Donald (Simon Gregson) and the baffled parents are forced to take poorly Amy to the doctor for tests. However, medics are dumbstruck unaware of what the illness is resulting in Steve's wife Becky Mc Donald (Katherine Kelly) to accuse convicted murderer Tracy of harming her daughter.

Talking about the plot which will commence in May, a source for Coronation Street said: ''Becky loves Amy and can't bear to see her suffering. She also can't bear seeing Steve and Tracy together. She is jealous and she quickly realises that Tracy is feeding off the attention Steve is giving them both.''

Concerned Becky doesn't waste time in confronting toxic Tracy leading to a dramatic stand-off where Becky labels her rival: ''World's Worst Mum''! She reminds her and everyone else how Tracy tried to sell Amy to Roy and Hayley Cropper, blackmailing Roy into believing that he was the baby's father before missing vital years of her daughter's life after murdering her boyfriend Charlie.

Continuing on, the source revealed: ''Becky can handle herself but Tracy is a dangerous enemy to make. If Steve believes Tracy over Becky, it could signal the end of their marriage.''