Jane Beale to find new admirer after love split in Eastenders

Eastenders' Jane Beale (Laurie Brett) is set to find herself with a new admirer after her split with unfaithful spouse Ian Beale (Adam Woodyat). The Walford lady dumped Ian last month after it was revealed that he had dipped his licqourice in Glenda Mitchell's (Glynis Barber) sherbet, I mean had an affar with Glenda.

According to today's Daily Star,  Jane's love life will get a bit more complicated in a few weeks when she meets a new man named Martin (Alasdair Harvey) when out in The Queen Vic with friends and soon finds herself being charmed by the handsome newbie.

And according to the report, the newly single woman spends the night chatting with the new man, clearly smitten by the attention before heading off home for a one-night stand.

A source for the soap has revealed that the flirtation will not go as far as a one-night stand but revealed: ''It doesn't go as far as a one-night stand, but Jane is flattered by the attention, they exchange numbers, there's some flirting and a couple of kisses.''

Viewers will also be aware that Ian is still hoping for a reunion with his wife but with Laurie set to depart our screens as she goes off on maternity leave, Jane may not be ready to forgive Ian any time soon.