Twisted ending to muddled Corrie villain John Stape's tale revealed?

Coronation Street villain John Stape (Graham Hawley) will commit suicide unable to cope with his twisted life after new building work is done on Underworld leading to the discovery of the body of Colin Fishwick who died after a confrontation with the shamed teacher.

After the death of Colin, John faced fresh trouble with troublesome Charlotte Hoyle who blackmailed him into having an affair with her however his solution came in the form of the special 50th anniversary episode where a tram crashed in the street when John hid the body of Charlotte who he strangled in the rubble.

Most recently, John faced trouble from Colin's poorly mother Joy Fishwick who was looking to get in touch with her estranged son unaware that he had died and been buried by John until jut before her death.

The dramatic scenes will air in the summer as poor Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) has to face yet more strife coping with the death of her husband.

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