Neighbours confirm upcoming reveal of massive Sonya Mitchell bombshell

Neighbours star Eva Morey has revealed that her character Sonya Mitchell's massive bombshell is set to be revealed to her unsuspecting boyfriend Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) on Australian screens next week.

Viewers have watched Sonya struggle to keep the secret that Toadie's adoptive son Callum Jones (Morgan Baker) is actually her son and according to TV Week, the secret will be revealed next week when the young lad who is living with Toadie and Sonya begins to investigate his mum.

However, in true dramatic fashion, Callum finds out the shocking truth after he injures himself at an abandoned factory. The factory brings back memories of a toy that Callum's mother gave to him but when he gets trapped by some machinery, Callum is rushed to the hospital where the shocking realisation comes about.

After his hospitilisation, the young boy realises that Sonya is his mother and when he reveals all to his unsuspecting adoptive father, Toadie hits the roof ordering Sonya to leave Callum's bedside as the traumatised lad tries to cope with the revelation.

Discussing the dramatic scenes, Morey told the Australian magazine: ''For Toadie, it's a betrayal to both him and his son. He's angry, but his initial priority is to make Callum number one. Those scenes were full-on. I don't like it when Ryan yells, and we had to have a big hug at the end of the day. It was exhausting!''

The scenes will air on Australian screens next week.

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