Young Eastenders actor Joshua Pascoe suspended from school after bullying scandal!

He may only have joined the show in December but already young Eastenders actor Joshua Pascoe's job looks to be on the line after it was alleged that he bullied classmates at his stage school.

The 15-year-old who joined before Christmas succeeding Charlie Jones in the role of Ben Mitchell is set to be questioned by detectives after two students at Italia Conti Academy stage school accused him of bullying them. The senior management for the school passed on these allegations to Scotland Yard and detectives are now set to investigate the situation.

Josh denies any wrongdoing but the school won't allow him to return until the allegations are sorted out. For the time being, Pascoe will be tutored from his South London home so he can abide by the license set by the law which requires under-16's who work in television to recieve a full-time education.

A source told The Sun: ''Staff have agreed to let him carry on studying at home under the auspieces of the school in order to keep his license. Without it, he would have to leave the soap.''

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard also commented on the reports saying: ''We can confirm police have recieved third-part information relating to several alleged incidents at a local school. Matters are at an early stage.''

If police find Pascoe guilty of bullying the students, he may be expelled from the school and face losing his role on the show as well but for now, things are definitely still under investigation. Last year, young actress Melissa Suffield was axed from the show for unruly behaviour outside of the show.


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