Home And Away actress discusses India's relationship woes ahead of this week's dramatic storyline

Home And Away actress Samara Weaving has revealed that her character Indigo Walker will take a long time to get over boyfriend Romeo Smith's (Luke Mitchell) infidelity. Speaking about the storyline, Samara revealed that Indigo will ''need time to grieve''.

Things are set to hot up on UK screens this week as Romeo is seen cheating on Indigo with Indigo's friend Ruby Buckton (Rebecca Breeds), who has become obsessed with the local lad.However, things don't stay quiet for long as a guilty Ruby confesses all to Indigo next month, scenes which are set to air in Australia next week.

Speaking to Australian magazine TV Week, Weaving teased: ''She can't be in the same room anymore, and just leaves straight away. Her knight in shining armour has been shattered. The one person she thought would never do something like that has done it - and she doesn't understand the circumstances.''

Continuing on, Samara added: ''Indi is devastated. I think she just needs time to grieve. I think people would expect their relationship to end, because if something like that happens in a relationship, you can't really understand it. I think that friendship is pretty much over now.''

Whilst there are no details regarding Indi and Romeo's future, both Luke and Samara were spotted in Hawaii filming a special week of episodes recently so whether they like it or not, Indi and Romeo will be spending time together in the future.

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