Best-friends Lyn Scully and Susan Kennedy to have confrontation in Neighbours

LynCafé owner Lyn Scully is set to confront best friend Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) in an upcoming episode of Neighbours as she feels increasingly put out by granddaughter Summer Hoyland's trust in Susan.

The ex-hairdresser and café owner played by Janet Andrewartha lets out her frustrations on her best friend when Summer, played by Jordy Lucas turns to the kindly stalwart of the show instead of her step-grandmother. A fragile Lyn who is suffering from depression following Paul's attempt to blackmail her feels like everyone she loves is turning their back on her.

Lyn has been able to cope with the close relationship until now but she lets rip when the rumours start flying that Summer is in a relationship with Susan's stepson Zeke Kinski (Matthew Werkmeister).

A source for the Australian soap which airs on Five told Daily Star Sunday: ''Lyn has been looking for an excuse to let rip. So when she finds out that everyone is talking about Summer and Zeke she's straight round to see Susan.''

''She knows something has been upetting her and was devastated when Susan let on that she knew what it was but would not break the teenager's confidence. So hearing the rumour gives her all the ammunition she needs to lay into Susan.''

''She thinks it's disgusting she would let them carry on under her roof without telling her. But of course she's jumped to the wrong conclusion and ends up making her relationship with Summer even more strained'', the source added.

The argument will play out on screen later this month and as Lyn drifts further and further into a spiral of depression, it's time for the return of a certain Neighbours favourite. Lyn is going to have a very tough year ahead!

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