More details on Ronnie Mitchell's Eastenders exit revealed by Tellymix!

RonnieTroubled Eastenders character Ronnie Branning (Samantha Womack)  will hand herself into the police after revealing all about the baby-swap next month, claims a report.  Last week, we reported that Ronnie would finally come to her senses, revealing all to one of three possible characters before handing back baby Tommy to Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Alfie Moon (Shane Richie)

According to today's Daily Star, the mentally unstable lady whose child James died on New Year's Eve prompting her to swap it with Kat's live baby Tommy, will visit the police station to confess all about the moment of madness. The police will then be seen investigating the swap leaving viewers wondering if Ronnie will be jailed.

Whilst many rumours have came out surrounding the climax to the storyline, it is not yet known whether Ronnie will escape punishment and instead recieve the medical attention that she so desperately needs or if she will indeed serve time for the crime she has committed. Meanwhile, it won't be a bed of roses for Kat either as the mum struggles to bond with her son who she believed was dead and has already grieved for.

A source told The Daily Star: ''It's a tough thing for Kat to get her head around.  She's been through so much pain mourning the loss of Tommy and now she's got to get used to him being around.'' All the drama of the baby-swap storyline is coming to an early close due to the large number of complaints surrounding the storyline however Ronnie is set to be off screens for a year or more so the story will definitely be far from finished when she leaves.

No rumours have been confirmed by Eastenders who refuse to comment on upcoming storylines. Are you shocked that Ronnie is going to hand herself in? Do you think she is doing the right thing and should she be punished or should she get medical attention?


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