Eastenders spotted filming dramatic car crash scenes for upcoming storyline

BBC soap Eastenders have been spotted filming for a dramatic car crash scene recently. The scenes filmed late last week will see Max Branning (Jake Wood) and daughter Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald) caught in a dramatic car accident on they way to Max's ex-wife and Lauren's mother Tanya's (Jo Joyner) wedding to Greg Jessop (Stefan Booth).

As Tellymix reported last month, a stressed Tanya will flee from her wedding to be at the side of injured Max and Abi who sustain injuries from the collision. The Sun report that the accident comes around as Max hits a lorry with his car as he and his daughter travel to the wedding.

The scenes which have been kept under wraps until now are expected to use stunt doubles for Max and Abi but the rumour has not yet been confirmed.

The accident will also lead into the reveal of the long-running baby-swap storyline as we reported last week. In emotional scenes, Ronnie will reveal that Jack isn't the father of baby ''James'' at Max's bedside. ''James'' who is actually Kat and Alfie's baby Tommy will then be handed back to his parents by fragile Ronnie before she disappears.

The scenes will air in April but will Max's injuries be severe? Will Tanya marry Greg? Will Jack get over Ronnie's shock bombshell?

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